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Our devices have no scientifically proven effect. Before using our devices or before considering their use, please consult your general practitioner or your doctor-specialist without any delay.

Product quality improvements made real at BONNEL

Cheb, 19.07.2018

BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE aims to improve the quality of its existing and new products continuously in order to meet customers´ high requirements. In joined effforts the teams of Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Marketing work on electronic components and mechatronic devices. BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE follows and implements the latest trends in the field of wastewater treatment and locking technologies in compliance with its strategy of smart home. Professional developers and technicians focus on the improvement of hardware, embedded software and firmware and customize it for customers worldwide.

What have we optimized? Lets take a closer look at ZAPPER, multi-frequency generator, professionally engineered and produced at BONNEL for over twenty years.The key element of devices for alternative medicine is their reliability and safety. The next criterion for the customer is their efficient use.

Thanks to the innovation of hardware, BONNNEL has succeeded in decreasing the energy consumption by one third (1/3). How can customers using ZAPPER benefit from this improvement?

The battery in the multi-frequency generator will last longer.

End users can contribute to the efficient operation of ZAPPER/ ZapGen themselves. BONNEL recommends to use quality 9 Volt alcali-mangan batteries instead of cheap options. With an alcali battery, your ZAPPER will be working for at least 50 hours.

DOs and DON´Ts for our ZAPPER

Cheb, 26.07.2018

1. Do not use the ZAPPER without consulting your physician. People with cardiac disorders or pregnant women are not allowed to use the device without any previous consultation with their physician. The use of ZAPPER is strictly forbidden for sensitive people (small children) or unconscious persons.

2. It is forbidden to connect the device to external sources of energy.

3. Store your ZAPPER in a dry place.

4. Store the cables loose. Do not wind them around the device.

5. Use a branded 9 Volt alcalic battery (execution alcali-mangan).

6. Operate the buttons and cables slowly and delicately.

7. Clean the brass electrodes with standard household cleaning liquids. As a result of tear and wear, within time they may loose their gloss. When cleaning the gold-plated electrodes do not use aggresive cleaning chemicals. Prevent the gold surface from scratching or wearing off.

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