Trimmer for setting of display contrast

Cheb, 27.07.2018

Thanks to a new trimmer, BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE control units will have a better setting of display contrast. Like any other product, diplays also get older and wear off year by year. In case of control units which are exposed in the sewage treatment plants to extreme conditions, this process may be even quicker. The sun or extreme temperatures to which the device is exposed have a negative impact on the product ageing, too.

A trimmer will enable a service technician to correct and adjust the contrast of the control unit display on the spot at the given sewage treatment plant. For individual clients the contrast can be also customized and set as required.
As part of continuous quality improvement of its products, at the first stage BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE implemented this innovation for its product line BonBloc® compact.

The display, which provides the user with fundamental information about the control unit operation, will be thanks to a trimmer of higher degree of contrast and more legible. In general, trimmers are commonly used for the same purpose and effect in screens and displays, for instance in showcases.
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