Sequetrol starter

Budget-price control unit for fixed-bed and MBBR sewage treatment plants - available with GSM alarm forwarding

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Budget-price control unit for fixed-bed and MBBR sewage treatment plants - available with GSM alarm forwarding

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  • 2 outputs 230V + output for BonFlash alarm beacon
  • 1 alarm input (e.g. for float switch)
  • Day-, night-, and holiday-mode helps to save energy expenses
  • Integrated operating hours counter
  • Self-learning blower monitoring and protection
  • Possible to be customized for the German or UK specific sockets
  • Compatible with Aquavisor® Telemetry SMS App and PC software

Why use the Sequetrol starter control unit?

  • Control unit with outstanding price-performance ratio
  • World first self-learning blower monitoring and protection by power monitoring (no pressure measurement needed to monitor the pressure high / low levels of the blower)
  • Suitable for fixed-bed, vortex floating-bed and continuous decentralized sewage treatment plants
  • Pulsed blower operation helps to save energy compared to 24 / 7 operation
  • Special eco-mode can be easily activated during night / weekend / holiday
  • Menu structure adaptable to customer needs
  • Acoustic mains failure alarm according to special German requirements
  • Installation and connection possible without opening the casing
  • GSM-SMS alarm forwarding possible (also with Aquavisor® Telemetry SMS App and PC software)

Blower monitoring and protection function

To monitor the function of the blower is of vital interest for every sewage treatment plant owner -the blower is the heart of the plant. In case the diffuser or the tubes are jammed, the plant owner can save money if the blower is turned off before it gets destroyed. 
Normally a small tube has to be installed between a relatively expensive pressure sensor and the air hose of the blower to monitor the pressure and the blower. Sequetrol® starter does not need all this. It monitors the energy consumption of the particular blower, learns its “fingerprint” and can thus detect any malfunction or overload of the blower. 

Output timing parameters and Eco-modes

The ON and OFF times for each output can be preset and later changed in the menu. The outputs can be coupled for sludge removal: In this case the blower will be switched on when the valve to the sludge removal is open. Another option is, to activate the second (e.g. sludge) output at a certain time, for example at 6 am and 11 pm. 
To save blower runtime and thus energy, it’s possible to distinguish between reduced and normal load. For example during holidays or weekends there is less water inflow, the blower ON times can be reduced. This ECO-mode can be programmed for nighttime or weekends respective weekdays. Moreover, for holidays the length of the absence can be entered to keep the ECO-mode active during this period. 

Menu structure

The full menu structure is adaptable according to your needs. 
Some examples: It’s up to you, if the serviceman can delete the operating hours of the particular outputs. You decide, if the end customer can operate the outputs manually. Do you want to allow servicemen to change the ON/OFF times of the outputs?
Like this, every sewage treatment plant manufacturer will get the control unit he needs. 

Outputs and Inputs

The Sequetrol® starter control unit for decentralized sewage treatment plants is equipped with three outputs and one digital input. The blower output is lead out to the mains socket. Thus the blower can be easily connected by end customers. The valve output can be connected by a screw-type terminal inside the plant and lead out through a cable grommet. The third output is a low-voltage (5VDC) alarm output suitable for our BonFlash alarm lamp. Moreover one alarm float switch can be connected to the starter. Thus a flooding of the tanks can be detected.



Attribute Value
Dimensions (l x w x h); weight 150 mm x 145 mm x 62 mm; 0.75kg 
Ambient temperature -15°C to + 50°C
Protection classification IP32 without mains plug plugged into electrical socket; IP42 with mains plug plugged into electrical socket 
Display / LED Illuminated (backlit) alphanumeric LCD / 2 LED
Signal-inputs 1x digital input for float switch
Data interface RS-232 (using adapter-cable)
Electrical output

2x relay 230V; max. 320VA (blower) or 550VA (resistive load); max. 700VA total (outputs 1 + 2); 1x low voltage alarm (5V / 50 mA max.) for BonFlash 

Power supply during mains failure 1 X NiMH rechargeable battery (size AA); 1x CR2032 3V Lithium battery for RTC backup; lithium rechargeable battery for GSM
Power supply 230VAC, 3.5W


PDF Flyer (EN)

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