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Multi-frequency generator with high gloss brass hand electrodes

5-year warranty

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Multi-frequency generator with high gloss brass hand electrodes

5-year warranty


  • Five years warranty
  • Multi-frequency generation for a perfect coverage of the important Dr. Clark`s frequencies
  • Easy application of the device – one button operation, 7 minutes timer
  • Professionally engineered and manufactured product – Made in Czech Republic for over 15 years
  • Optical and acoustic control of the proper contact between the skin and electrodes
  • Service support for our clients

ZAPPER - order numbers and prices, valid for 2019

99400001 - ZAPPER – hand-held high gloss brass electrodes - EUR 169.94 (including 21% VAT) / 1 pc

99400002 - ZAPPER – hand-held high gloss gold-plated electrodes - EUR 199.95 (including 21% VAT) / 1 pc

Please use our Contact form to order your ZAPPER or ask for prices in higher quantities


  • Professionally designed, tested and manufactured device (precise execution, high quality materials, safe connection, 100% quality inspection).
  • 26 square wave frequencies with positive offset in the range of 10 kHz to 41 kHz including their harmonic frequencies are generated to cover the important range of the field of Dr. Clarks frequencies. This enhances the efficiency and scope of application. 
  • Circuit monitoring: In case of poor connection between skin and electrodes (e.g. your hands are too dry) or cable break operation does not start, and bad circuit is signalized. 
  • Professional electrodes ensure proper current flow. Often Zapper are offered with cheap wristbands, that were originally designed for antistatic protection. These have a very high current resistance, so that almost no current flow can occur. Our ZAPPER would not even start operating with these. 
  • Safety connectors for electrodes: Often Zappers are equipped with simple banana plugs, which can be easily plugged into an electric socket by children. We use certified safety plugs. 
  • Generated square wave frequency adjustable at the electrodes to a maximum of approx. 9 Volt (the voltage of the device battery). 
  • Gold-plated hand electrodes and other accessories can be supplied upon request at an additional charge.
  • Practical ZAPPER packaging for safe storage and transport.
  • Detailed operating manual with each device.


The ZAPPER is microprocessor-controlled for a precise and long-term frequency generation. It produces a pulsed square wave signal with positive offset. The voltage is increased to approx. 9 Volt to achieve maximum effectivity.

Compared to the relatively simple originally suggested circuit of the Dr. Clark Zapper, our device has been essentially improved, while grading the functional principle. The frequency of the produced pulse (square waves) is not uniform as with the most of other products, but it varies constantly. The multi-frequency approach leads to a larger, more efficient bandwidth. A total of 26 frequencies and their even more important harmonic frequencies are produced. The range of the generated frequencies is from 10 kHz up to 41 kHz which results in a strong field of harmonic frequencies in the 100 kHz to 500 kHz band. The table of the basic and harmonic frequencies can be found in the manual.

The device is operated by one button only (switch on/off, switch-off also automatically after seven minutes). After the first key touch, the ready status is indicated by a green monitoring light. The actual function starts when the electrodes are picked up and held in each hand. The green light now starts blinking. It is an effective control to show that the circuit "one hand - ZAPPER - other hand" is closed. This would, for example, not be the case if the cables were damaged or if the hands were too dry.

Very sensitive persons can regulate the voltage level at the output by reducing it (infinitely variable) by approximately 2% to 100%.

The duration of seven minutes of the application is time-controlled. Switching-off takes place automatically, it is indicated by an acoustic signal. The ZAPPER is automatically switched off after some seconds when the electrodes are put down. Moreover, a short-circuit of the electrodes is detected instantly to optimize battery life. In this case, the device is switched off automatically and there is an acoustic and optic signalization.

The battery voltage is controlled continuously to ensure, there’s always enough power to perform efficient operation.

The ZAPPER is equipped with professional electrodes which ensure proper current flow. As option, it is also available with professional wristbands with embedded metallic contacts.


 Do not use the Zapper if pregnant or wearing a pace maker or similar devices!


 - Why does the ZAPPER come with electrodes instead of plastic wrist bands?

The ZAPPER is equipped with professional electrodes ensure proper current flow. As option, it is also available with professional wristbands with embedded metallic contacts (LINK). We do not use wristbands made of conductive plastic, which were originally made to be used in electronics production to discharge static electricity. Our tests have shown, that almost no current can pass through those cheap plastic wristbands. The integrated electric circuit supervision of our ZAPPER would even prevent it from switching into active mode, if used with similar wristbands. Metallic hand electrodes or wristbands with metallic contacts have an electrical resistance between 1 and 10 kilo-ohm, proving thousand times better efficiency than plastic wristbands.

- Why do brass hand electrodes change their coloring within some time?

Electrodes for our ZAPPER device are made from brass. These electrodes have a positive side effect - they are anti-bacterial. The coloration is a common feature since brass oxidizes/ corrodes and as a result a thin layer is created on the surface. The flow of electrical current and humidity contribute hereto.
We recommend to unplug and swap the electrodes from time to time. Then, both of both shall be colored similarly. This fact has no impact on the device function whatsoever.
Brass hand electrodes can be cleaned and polished with usual household detergents.

For an additional surcharge we can also supply gold-plated electrodes.
Gold-plated electrodes preserve their quality and even after a long-term usage they remain like new if their relatively thin gold layer is handled carefully. Gold does not undergo oxidative changes.

- Why does the ZAPPER have a multi-frequency approach?

There are Zappers on the market, which generate only one fixed frequency. There are Zappers, which generate “liver”-frequencies, “moon” or “sun” frequencies, “kung-fu-frequencies” and other frequencies. Why doesn’t our ZAPPER generate one specific frequency?
The basic frequency of the Zapper is apparently not really important but the harmonic frequencies, which come along with every basic frequency are of interest. As a matter of fact, the so-called Clark-frequencies cover a range of several hundred kilohertz. Every square wave generated by the ZAPPER radiates infinite harmonic frequencies. Shifting between different basic frequencies generates a huge variety of harmonic frequencies. This procedure enhances the probability of “hitting” the right frequencies.

- Why does the ZAPPER have a monitoring of the circuit?

The low current emitted by the device cannot be felt. The slow blinking of the green LED serves to indicate proper functioning. Dry hand skin or a damaged cable might lead to an insufficient current flow. This will be signalized by the device.

- Why does the ZAPPER not exist with special frequency cards for special applications (e.g. planets, liver, …)?

Please also refer to the FAQ Why does the ZAPPER have a multi-frequency approach?
We try not to sell you a device, where you must buy more and more frequency cards for a lot of money, but we try to provide an all-inclusive solution. If you want to generate specific frequencies for any reason, you can use our ZapGen Frequency Generator and set any frequencies or a program of frequencies you like – without buying any “cards”.


  • two hand-held electrodes, high gloss polished brass or optionally gold-plated version
  • high grade 9V branded battery (alkaline type, please use alkaline only)
  • case with molded lining made of foamed plastic
  • operating instructions


  • Y-Splitter Jack box and two cables with plugs for the connection of additional hand-electrodes / wrist-collars 
  • Wristbands (big, small, mini) Wrist-Collar for human and animal (1 unit)
  • Info – Adapter Intermediate piece to copy information, including cables 
  • Spare parts: Replacement hand-electrode brass Replacement Hand-Electrode (brass) - for ZAPPER and ZapGen 
  • Replacement hand-electrode gold Replacement Hand-Electrode (gold plated) - for ZAPPER and ZapGen


Output voltage amplitude (fresh 9V battery) 8-9 V
Output voltage polarity pulsed direct current voltage with positive offset
Characteristic of output voltage square wave, approx. 50:50 impulse interval
Output voltage frequencies total of 26, from about 10 kHz to 41 kHz
Output voltage adjustment range from 2 - 100%
Output voltage, impedance approx. 390 Ω
Load impedance approx. 0-1 kΩ short circuit; operating range aprox. 1-70 kΩ
No current recognition aprox. >70 kΩ no current recognition
Certifications CE


BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE company is not a medical facility and its employees are not physicians or medical staff. ZAPPER and ZapGen are NOT a medical device.

ZAPPER is a 9V battery operated multi-frequency generator.

In accordance with the current state of science and medicine, our products, offered in the field of „alternative medicine“, have no effective role in any treatment of diseases. Their effective on the human body or animal body could be, spoken scientifically, understood as a placebo effect. The usage of the equipment serves only the aim of the sometimes subjectively perceived well-being of people and animals. The usage of the device must not lead to avoiding medical expert help.

Any complaints or suspected diseases must be consulted with a doctor / GP.

Patients with cardiac pacemaker or a similar device and pregnant women may use the ZAPPER only after consulting with their doctor or not at all.

The disposal of the device via household garbage is prohibited. Please dispose of ZAPPER at the nearest municipal collection point of electric/electronic waste.