TRANSSYS Transponder System

Pictures coming soon :-)

Transponder-System TRANSSYS 2000

Contactless operating of doors, gates, alarm devices and machines (RFID)

Pictures coming soon :-)

Transponder-System TRANSSYS 2000

Contactless operating of doors, gates, alarm devices and machines (RFID)


TRANSSYS 2000 is a modern, safe and comfortable system for contactless switching of appliances (locks, garage door drives, illumination, alarm devices etc.). TRANSSYS 2000 will give you the flexibility and independence that no mechanical switching system can offer. Despite the manifold possibilities, the application is easy to install: You will get a completely pre-configured system, which is ready to use directly after installation. The system is based on the contactless transponder principle so the keys are non-wearing and maintenance-free (no battery or contact). With the help of the Master-Key (red) the system can be reprogrammed very easily and existent keys can be added or removed.


  • Contactless electric switching
  • Maintenance-free electronic keys (no battery or contact) in key tag look
  • Separate installation of the control unit within the safe area (i.e. behind the door) assures protection against external manipulation
  • Control- and reading unit are also available as one integrated device for installation into a standard flush-mounted box (to be used in the safe area)
  • Intervention or destruction of the reading unit does not result in a switching signal of the control unit (i.e. a door will not be opened)
  • Length of connection wire between reading unit and control unit is 2.5 m, the wire can be shortened according to individual requirements
  • Easy to find and to operate (blinking LED) also at darkness
  • Key-code with more than 4.3 billion possibilities ensures a maximum of security
  • Master-key as identification key for individual customization of the system and for (de-) registering of keys
  • If required, one master-key can control multiple TRANSSYS 2000 systems (suitable i.e. within one building or property)
  • All parameters are permanently saved and will not be lost in case of a possible electrical power outage
  • Hierarchical locking system: One electronic key can be registered at different locks (i.e. entrance, alarm system, garage, PC-access, garden irrigation) and handle different devices
  • All-purpose switch (potential-free relay contact as output, circuit time adjustable as 1-25 s or permanent on / off)
  • Operation as relay circuit with permanent on / off permits i.e. to switch electric consumer or to arm alarm devices
  • Easy installation also suitable for non-professionals, no dangerous line voltage


  • Identification medium inside a key tag
  • Operating frequency 125 kHz
  • Reading distance approx. 5 cm
  • Power-supply 9-12 V AC/DC, i.e. bell transformer 12 V / 1A
  • Current consumption peak 250 mA, average 40 mA
  • Relay contact 30 V / 1 A (shutter)
  • Circuit time adjustable 1-25 s or permanent on / off, delivery status 3 s
  • Number of keys max. 100 (larger systems available)
  • Dimensions control unit: Diameter 60 mm, height 22 mm
  • Dimensions reading unit: Diameter 83 mm, height 15 mm
  • Length of connection wire between reading unit and control unit: 2.5 m (can only be shortened)
  • Protection class reading unit: IP 44 (after installation)
  • Protection class control unit IP 20
  • Operating temperature range reading unit -30°C to 60°C
  • Operating temperature range control unit 0°C to 40°C, dry interior space
  • CE mark


  • 1 control unit (interior installation, i.e. in a flush-mounted box)
  • 1 reading unit (exterior installation, well accessible)
  • 1 fastening-parts kit
  • 1 master-key (in key tag look, red, for (de-) registering the keys)
  • 4 electronic keys (in key tag look)


  • Y-Splitter Jack box and two cables with plugs for the connection of additional hand-electrodes / wrist-collars 
  • Wristbands (big, small, mini) Wrist-Collar for human and animal (1 unit)
  • Info – Adapter Intermediate piece to copy information, including cables 
  • Spare parts: Replacement hand-electrode brass Replacement Hand-Electrode (brass) - for ZAPPER and ZAPGEN 
  • Replacement hand-electrode gold Replacement Hand-Electrode (gold plated) - for ZAPPER and ZAPGEN


TRANSSYS 2000 - max. 100 keys
TRANSSYS 2000 KRYPTO - max. 100 keys, additional encryption of transferred data
TRANSSYS 2000 Plus - max. 1800 keys
TRANSSYS 2000 Plus KRYPTO - max. 1800 keys, additional encryption of transferred data


 It is necessary to allow opening the door from inside by emergency key or handle in a case of fire when using this system.

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