SBR control units with integrated valves

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BonBloc® compact

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The BonBloc® series control units for decentralized sewage treatment plants was developed, to meet the following customer requirements:

  • enhance cost efficiency - integrated design
  • BonBloc® = (control unit + valves + water level sensing) in one unit
  • reduce noise and energy consumption - stepper motor valves
  • ease installation - easy to install due to an intelligent mounting

It stands out due to its cost-efficient integration of the control and the valve unit. As a result of the complete abandonment of solenoid valves, the energy consumption of the valve unit was reduced by 95% compared to units using standard valves. 

The BonBloc® control units, especially the BonBloc® compact, are easy to program, programming can be done by yourself or BONNEL can support you.